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Modular Crossbelt Sorter [New Product]

Jan. 16, 2014

Dematic’s FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt Sorter handles poly bags, pieces, stuffed envelopes, cartons and totes using discrete belt conveyors mounted on carriers in a re-circulating loop configuration. Items are sent to different destinations according to the business rules established for each application. Sorter cells can be activated anywhere along the sorter loop, therefore it is possible to add and/or move chutes, induction stations or change the sorter speed without additional hardware installation and commissioning. Applications include batch pick & sort, interlinking various processes, crossdocking for flow through operations and shipping. The sorter’s common modular platform provides the foundation around which standardized mechanical, electrical and controls components can be configured.  The sorter drive system can be configured with linear synchronous motors, using 50% less energy than linear induction drive motors. Also, cooling fans are not required.


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