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12 Booths that Rocked Modex 2014

March 24, 2014
Cloud computing was a hot topic for many material handling and logistics providers. Experienced attendees had strategy sessions with suppliers and potential suppliers. New attendees bounced ideas off vendors for "doability." This was MH&L's first time using Twitter for show coverage, let us know how you liked it in the comment box below.  

MODEX 2014 was as much about the talent required to apply material handling and logistics technology as it was about the technology itself. As you'll see in MH&L's encounters with some of the industry's key participants during this event, they and their organizations are investing more and more of their resources into talent development. They know their futures depend on it. This gallery recounts some of those meetings for the benefit of those who weren't there and for those who were and would like to compare notes. Please send your MODEX insights to [email protected].

Dematic's Matt Inbody, Cloud & partner svs, demonstrates how Google Glass can be used in order fulfillment

With the trend toward industrial hardened operator interface devices, Dematic may eventually work with a partner to develop industrially hardened versions of Google Glass to interoperate with their order fulfillment platform. At the same time, Dematic recognizes that smaller customers want to offload many aspects of facility management, relying on vendors for system support.

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