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VLM with Rack & Pinion Drive is Speedy and Smooth [New Products]

May 1, 2014

The LogiMat vertical lift module (VLM) from SSI SCHAEFER features rack & pinion drive for movement of the elevator and extractor. This provides a more positive movement, better tray stability and less servicing compared to chain- or belt-driven designs. The opening height adjusts to the worker to ensure an ergonomically correct operating height, while a tilt mechanism allows for a reduction of reach depth, facilitating the ergonomic removal of goods. The LogiPointer laser pointer system, assisted by a centrally located touchscreen, identifi­es the location in the tray of the part to be picked, making the picking of orders clear and easy.  An electrically-driven locking door provides security for storing valuable goods.  Light barriers can be employed to protect the operating opening.  Restricted accesses are possible with password protected login.  All system events and errors are logged and can be viewed for maintenance. The smart placement algorithm finds the optimal position for each tray, and the most streamlined picking sequence to optimize the pick process.

SSI Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

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