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High-Speed Case Sealing [New Products]

June 17, 2014

Standard-Knapp’s Model 199 continuous-motion case sealer is for high-speed sealing of primed flap and re-shipper cases (RSC). Its inline design allows for high speed, consistent sealing of all incoming cases, whether close-coupled to a case packer discharge or installed as a stand-alone machine. The continuous-motion case sealer offers speeds of 50-75 cases per minute, and features quick complete changeover in less than two minutes. Using a one-hose, four-gun, hot melt glue system or optional tape dispensing unit, the sealer glues or tapes and folds the top flaps into place. An on demand servo-controlled flap tucker ensures precise timing and a consistent glue pattern for accurate tape placement. A pneumatically controlled flap tucker is also available for slower speeds.


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