Yellow Jacket
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Wrap Heavy, Odd-Shaped Loads [New Products]

June 17, 2014

A Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrapper is used for wrapping heavy, odd-shaped loads at Baker Tankhead, a manufacturer of A.S.M.E and standard tank heads, hot-formed tank heads, cones, manways and rolled shells. This is done while the pallet remains on the forklift. Varying in size and material, tank heads measure from 8 5/8” diameters to 16’ diameters. Each day Baker Tankhead ships roughly 27,000 lbs of product on about 40 pallets, throughout the United States and Mexico. Prior to the orbital stretch wrapper, Baker would hand wrap pallets, requiring three employees and there was increased risk to employee safety since workers would pass under the heavy load to pass the film. The Yellow Jacket requires one employee to wrap the same loads in a fraction of the time. It also allows for a uniform tension and wrap, ensuring a consistently secured load.

Yellow Jacket

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