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Blockchain Standard Approved to Create Supply Chain Efficiency

March 13, 2019
The new structure provides cohesion since different companies have different perspectives on what tracking and visibility entails.

As part of the organization’s mission to provide a single answer to the question, “Where is my shipment?”, the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Standards Council Board has approved its first official standard

The BiTA Standard 120-2019 Location Component Specification is the organization’s first data format specification.

"The data standards published provide the initial framework for interoperability across a currently fragmented and siloed ecosystem that reaches across many different enterprises, systems, and various protocols," said Pratik Soni, CEO of Omnichain Solutions and the chair of the Location Data Component Working Group

Up until now, there has been no consensus on the framework over which the associated applications could be built. Different companies have different perspectives on what tracking and visibility entails.

 “The BiTA Standards Council is focused on creating open source and royalty-free standards with a focus and emphasis on data formats and interoperability,” said Patrick Duffy, the director of engagement at BiTA. “While we are working with sometimes competitive organizations that run parallel with each other, together BiTA will create a common language or vernacular for global supply chain businesses – driving efficiencies by eliminating red-tape and increasing machine-to-machine processes.”

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