Top 10 Mega-Trends in Material Handling and Logistics

Companies that want to improve themselves by reducing internal costs and improving operational efficiency are doing themselves a disservice. That's the assessment of the 2014 MHI Annual Industry Report, "Innovations that drive supply chains," produced with Deloitte. The authors state that those traditional approaches to business improvement are losing their effectiveness as supply chains become longer and more intricate. It's those inter-connecting links, higher stakeholder expectations, and multiple sources of risk that add complexity and make business improvement the work of a business community. This means companies must rethink their approach to supply chain improvement.

This Gallery Summarizes the Top 10 material handling and logistics trends to keep in mind as you collaborate with supply chain partners to ensure your business survival for another decade. They come from The U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics, commissioned to identify
the challenges and necessary future capabilities of professionals in these disciplines. It projects out to 2025 how the industry will need to adapt its technology, practices and workforce to keep pace with the demands of change.

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