Worlds Strongest Robot Can Lift 17 Tons

World’s Strongest Robot Can Lift 1.7 Tons

The strongest robot in the world, able to lift 1.7 tons – the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people, will be on display in October at the EMO fair in Milan in October.

With its 1.7 t payload capacity and 6.2 m stroke,  the M-2000iA/1700L, built by FANUC, provides maximum flexibility on operations involving large and heavy objects, the company said. 

The robot can lift and position an entire car body within its work envelope.

“We identified a need to increase the efficiency of the heavy materials handling process for manufacturers, specifically within the automotive industry," Chris Sumner, managing director of FANUC UK told Sophie Curtis of the Telegraph.

Servicing a variety of manufacturing industries, the robot can perform both simple and complex tasks, with a reach of up to 4.7 meters to increase operating freedom.

The robot’s six axes and strong "wrist" make it an agile weightlifter, moving and placing objects within a large defined working area to an extremely high degree of precision.

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