3PL tackles capacity crunch with never say no program

National Logistics Management’s Never Say No program provides a confidential way for client carriers to manage their over-capacity shipments. Client carriers can, via the Internet, tap into NLM’s carrier base to find a service-carrier that ensures on-time delivery of the shipment that exceeds their present capacity.

NLM, a North American third-party logistics provider (3PL), created the Never Say No Program as a response to the logistics industry-wide issue of carrier capacity and the need for a full-service freight exchange. NLM’s client base can now access qualified service carriers to manage over-capacity shipments. These carriers have the ability to handle these over-capacity events with the same web-based services utilized by NLM’s large contracted clients.

The Never Say No program offers to the carrier community an alternative to brokering ground freight in North America while providing real-time tracking and tracing service that provides full visibility to the client carrier throughout the entire shipping process as well as to the client carrier’s customers.

Carriers can go to NLM’s web site and their shipment request will go out to 100 to 150 qualified carriers.


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