Affordable Container Security Passes Its First Test

Jointly developed by GE Security and CIMC Group (China International Marine Containers Group Ltd.), the Tamper Evident Secure Container (TESC) integrates GE’s CommerceGuard container security device into a standard maritime shipping container. The technology was invented by All Set Marine Security AB of Sweden and licensed on an exclusive basis to GE.

Physical enhancements to containers include improved door locking mechanisms, tamper-proof hinges and improved placement for a door seal. The technology uses an electronic integrated Container Security Device (iCSD).

As containers move within range of a global wire reader – with similarity to electronic toll collection systems – the iCSD provides data on container location, arrival time and if security was compromised at any point along the travel route.

By integrating the iCSD into container doorframes and using public wireless communication infrastructure and a point-to-point approach, the TESC solution is much less expensive to operate than other technologies.

“Supply chain security is critically important to our customers and the well-being of the global economy,” notes David Wong, chief technology officer of CIMC. “However, until now the cost of securing a container and building the necessary information sharing infrastructure has been cost prohibitive for exporters who are competing in an extremely competitive global economy. The successful test of the TESC proves that security doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when the features are built into a container. We believe our customers will get behind this approach.”

Based in Shenzhen, China, CIMC – producer of 50% of all new freight containers -- is the largest manufacturer of shipping containers in the world.

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