Air Cargo Performance Improves

Cargo 2000 announced the first stage of performance data for its airline and freight forwarder members, noting network flown-as-planned performance, a joint airline and forwarder performance measure, averaged 90% in May 2005. The measure does not reflect the party responsible for an underlying service failure, according to Cargo 2000’s Chairman, Mick Fountain. Cargo 2000’s measure of forwarder’s air waybill accuracy, FWB Correct, was 85%. This is a 32% improvement over the last eight months. At the same time, flown-as-planned performance was up 8%.

Cargo 2000 recently began reporting monthly performance data as part of its multi-stage approach to eliminate fragmentation in the worldwide air cargo industry. Cargo 2000 seeks to develop a common platform that brings together reliability, predictability and proactive shipment management along with reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction, commented Fountain, who is also CEO of Global Freight Management at Exel.

The May 2005 figures reflect measurements across 16,800 lane segments worldwide. Members measured 148,797 route maps for shipment movements.

Current figures represent aggregated results, but, said Fountain, in February 2006, Cargo 2000 will begin publishing “net net reports” that will show individual performance of members. “We are working in a very complex environment trying to get on platform for the whole industry,” he continued, “not just in terms of the sheer scale of what we have to do but also because we work in a very fragmented industry.”

Cargo 2000 members have contributed over 3,000 man days to develop technical specifications, according to Fountain. This plus 8,000 man days invested by the group’s CDMP suppliers, enabled 150,000 route maps to be created with over 1.4 million quality checks made as shipments moved to their destination, commented Scott Dolan, president of United Cargo.

KLM Cargo, which represents 25% of the shipments and lanes reported, uses Cargo 2000 standards to monitor all traffic between 56 stations worldwide, representing 35,000 shipments per month.

Since September 2003, Kuehne + Nagel have handled every shipment in its network under the Cargo 2000 phase 2 process.

Phase 1 of Cargo 2000 manages airport-to-airport movements, shipment planning and tracking at master air waybill level. Phase 2 is responsible for shipment planning and tracking at house air waybill level and provides interactive monitoring of door-to-door movement.

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