Airforwarders Respond to Cargo Security Funding Programs

“The Airforwarders Association is pleased with the White House’s acknowledgment of the federal government’s responsibility to fund the new mandates for air cargo security as established in the ‘Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007.’ The $100 million recommendation for air cargo inspectors, canine teams and the Certified Shipper Program provides a good starting point to achieve the benchmarks established by Congress,” said Brandon Fried, executive director of the Airforwarders Association.

But, as the association executive complimented that progress, he pointed out, “We remain concerned with the potential for these air cargo security programs to become an unfunded mandate, given that both TSA [Transportation Security Agency] and Congressional Research Services estimate that the cost of 100% screening over 10 years will be a staggering $3.6 billion dollars.”

He further stated that the forwarder industry recognizes, in the current budget environment facing Congress, “shifting the costs of homeland security onto airlines and private companies is an inappropriate budgetary ploy. Given that protecting our homeland is a responsibility of the federal government, we urge Congress to provide appropriations to make a larger investment in meeting the 100% screening mandate.”

The Airforwarders Association, with a full membership of 300 members, was founded in 1990, and provides lobbying, training, information, and other services to the airforwarding community. The association works closely with the US Congress, US federal regulatory agencies and administration departments, air carriers, service providers, and other industry-related entities throughout America and abroad.

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