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Airline Pilots Want More Security

Transportation Security Agency officials, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal and local authorities were investigating how Charles McKinley managed to avoid detection during a multi-leg journey through the air cargo network in a crate.

McKinley had himself sealed in a crate and shipped as cargo between New York and Dallas. The crate was picked up in the Bronx, New York and transported to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. From there, it was routed to Newark, New Jersey where it was loaded aboard a cargo aircraft. The aircraft flew to Buffalo and then to Fort Wayne, IN where the crate was moved to another aircraft to complete the journey to DFW airport in Dallas. McKinley went undetected until the delivery driver arrived at the final destination.

Pilot Air Freight, which handled the move, said Metrotech, the company where the shipment originated, was not on the "known shipper" list and so the shipment was routed via cargo-only aircraft.

McKinley was in custody in Texas on outstanding warrants. TSA and federal officials were reviewing the case to determine whether federal charges could be filed.

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