Up in the AirOf Bags and Nags

A company that specializes in luggage delivery wants to make it clear that it isn’t only “Joe Average” who suffers from misdirected luggage when flying. Their lead case, the US golfers headed to the British Open in Carnoustie, Scotland. Among the missing items were the players’ golf bags.

A US Department of Transportation report issued in May 2007 indicated airlines mishandled 5.93 bags per 1,000 passengers, a 25.2% increase over May 2006. The Luggage Club claims to offer an alternative door-to-door pick-up and delivery service through www.theluggageclub.com.

It’s a little harder to lose another shipment bound for Hong Kong. Eight horses from three European countries were shipped via Amsterdam to Hong Kong to take part in the Good Luck Beijing HKSAR 10th Anniversary Cub equestrian competition. HKSAR—the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region—is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its transition from a British-governed region to a special administrative region of China. The horses, which came from Germany, France and the Netherlands, arrived in one plane from Amsterdam accompanied by competition personnel, including grooms.

Two other consignments of horses participating in the competition were scheduled to arrive later the same week. A total of 17 horses from eight countries and 20 local horses will participate.

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