Arena Expands Plastic Container Pooling

Arena has been in the RPC pooling service business since 1993, successfully meeting USDA and other requirements for cleaning containers that come into direct contact with food, pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty aid products.

“We have built our expertise on our long history of successfully managing all the components involved in pooling, including effective asset management and stringent cleaning requirements, for containers that come into direct contact with food,” said Mike Brunhuber, vice president of Arena Products. (Its cleaning process meets U.S. Department of Agriculture and other requirements.) “Because there is a great deal of demand for this service and a shortage of companies with strong credentials in logistics management and washing of RPCs, we are seizing on the opportunity to grow our business.”

Arena currently has washing centers and depots in the Midwest. Plans are under way to open additional service centers in areas closest to customers in order to minimize freight charges.

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