Automated Hours of Service Record Keeping

To be technical about it, Section 395.15 of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration's Regulations—Hours of Service (HOS) gives specific requirements for the use of automatic, on-board recording devices to fulfill requirements of the revised HOS rules that went into effect on October 15, 2005.

As a result, the ability to monitor and report HOS records for drivers has been a component of truck in cab computing systems, offering one powerful reason for their purchase and use. Typical of the many HOS applications is one offered by QUALCOMM Inc. ( Running on its OmniTRACS platform, the application saves on driver interaction and reduces the need to enter data. It calculates driver availability using vehicle sensor data to automatically detect driving time.

QUALCOMM explains that with its web interface the application allows for online review of a driver's status, availability and for the examination of reports. Automated HOS reports provide both for driver management and safety audits. It's possible, too, to set up the application so both drivers and dispatchers learn in near real-time of impending or actual rules violations.

Operating either as a server-based or Web-based system, OmniTRACS includes QTRACS fleet management that displays all field data, automates business processes and integrates with other technology for increasing productivity. The system also offers two flavors of satellite tracking, the standard QUALCOMM Automatic Satellite Position Reporting system or an optional Global Positioning System.

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