Book Commemorates Birth of Containerization

The Containerization and Intermodal Institute (CII) explores the history of the ubiquitous ISO container in The Box that Changed the World.

When Malcolm McLean decided to load truck trailers directly aboard ships, he started the ball rolling on an idea that would revolutionize global logistics. The concept of intermodal shipping in maritime trades was born when McLean made that first shipment on April 26, 1956.

The new CCI book documents the often rocky history of containerization. Even the history itself had a difficult start. With 170 historic photos, CII acknowledges the difficulty the authors had compiling that gallery, given that many shipping industry archives were destroyed in the World Trade Center.

But despite the difficulties of sifting through an often controversial 50-year history, authors Arthur Donovan, retired U.S. Merchant Marine Academy professor and historian, and Joseph, Bonney, Journal of Commerce editor and business journalist, have put together an enlightening history.

The book is available for order at

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