Brown Trucking Offers Shippers Ways to Calculate Carbon

Brown Trucking Company has become a certified carrier of the Greenway Miles program. This program provides carriers with 3rd-party certified fleet audits with Scope 1 and Scope 2 certified facility audits so they can provide per-mile calculations of grams of carbon and carbon offset costs to clients.

“A shipper doing business with a Greenway Miles member will be provided the specific information and options they need to make sound sustainability choices,” explained Eric Taub, managing partner of Verus Carbon Neutral and co-founder of Greenway Miles.

Joe White, CEO CostDown Consulting and co-founder of Greenway Miles, adds: “The Program builds on the accomplishments of SmartWay by adding in-the-facility carbon impact of terminal, office, warehouse operations and assigned service vehicles and company cars to provide not only a complete measure of carbon output but the option to offset that carbon. The per-mile rate premium calculations and pricing not only provide shippers the ability to offset carbon but carriers now have the option to bid on a carbon-neutral basis.”

“Our decision to become a Greenway Miles member was primarily based on continuing our premium service which meets the carbon and environmental management priorities of our customers,” explained Brian Kinsey, president of Brown Trucking. “Becoming a GreenWay Miles Certified Carrier has also provided Brown Trucking the comprehensive carbon footprint measurement we need to baseline and improve our internal sustainability performance.”

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