Building a Better Cool-Chain Container

Tednologies Inc. was founded by Don Harman to market TEDBOX, his Tracking Environmental Deviation System, a container to preserve product between 32 and 89 degrees F. When dry ice or gel packs are added to the container goods may be cooled as low as 14 degrees F (-10 degrees C).

Located in Anchorage, Alaska adjacent to Ted Stevens International Airport, TEDBOX was designed to meet the needs of rural Alaska retailers and fish processors — Harman's slogan is “from boat to throat and from farm to fork” — as well as more usually thought of perishables, such as foods, flowers, air carriers, commodity forwarders, restaurateurs and pharmaceutical companies.

Features incorporated in the container design are external time and temperature recording through the use of RFID that provides instant printed readouts. The unit's active cooling system maintains temperatures within 2 degrees F for more than 110 hours without the need for recharging, or indefinitely while plugged in. Recharging of the six batteries takes a maximum of 15 hours through the use of a 110 or 220 VAC wall plug-in or a separate DC charger.

When compared to current industry offerings Harman claims TEDBOX net shipping weight increase is as much as 24% more and net shipping volume is 49% greater. The increase is accomplished by putting the cooling unit inside on the floor rather than at the head as with other containers. To learn more, visit the web site:

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