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Calculating On-Board Computing Benefits

Pitt Ohio performed a 90-day trial with one terminal and a limited number of trucks to determine how in-cab monitoring would fit with its operations. It tested various locating and messaging capabilities, including electronic driver logs, fuel-tax reporting, engine diagnostics, form transfer, automated messaging, exception management, load matching and online credit checks. Pitt Ohio presented this summary of benefits, in a slightly different form, at a recent industry conference.

Area Benefits
Vehicle Maintenance Ability to track miles per gallon of equipment based on make, model, and year.
Finance Eliminates data entry and reduces audit time of mileage for fuel tax reporting.
Operations & Safety Improved communication with drivers and verification of stop/start times. Company knows when schedules won't get met, and can quickly find a driver's specific location.
Pricing/Costing Actual data about how long trucks/drivers are performing drive and stop functions is a great value to account cost allocation.
Source: Pitt Ohio Express
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