Chemtura Finds Winning Formula in Outsourcing Logistics

Chemtura Corp., a specialty chemicals company, has entered into a new long-term contract with Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp. (OL&T), a provider of third-party logistics services (3PL). For Chemtura, OL&T will manage transportation and logistics activities within North America in the following modes: package truck, bulk truck, rail, and air.

OL&T also manages negotiations of all ocean export shipments out of North America. OL&T currently has a similar contract to provide these services to Chemtura affiliates in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Chemtura Corp. was formed in 2005 with the merger of Crompton Corp. and Great Lakes Chemical Corp. The company builds the chemistry that makes other products more durable, safer, cleaner and more efficient, in the building and construction, electronics, consumer, industrial and transportation industries.

During its initial engagement with OL&T, Chemtura became integrated with the Odyssey Global Logistics Platform, a patented technology infrastructure that provides a single, integrated transportation management system. Initially, this enabled Chemtura to combine three separate ERP systems into one single portal provided by OL&T. In January 2010 Chemtura transitioned to a company-wide single ERP system, and over the past three years, the company has achieved improved logistics performance while reducing costs.

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