Clean Air Charge Coming to Oakland

NITL has expressed its concern that initiatives similar to those at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles “will not achieve the purposes they are designed to address” and will add complexity and costs for port users.
While NITL “strongly supports the need to reduce vehicle emissions and improve environmental conditions associated with operations in the Port of Oakland. . .we are troubled for example by the similarity of the Comprehensive Truck Management Plan (CTMP) regarding 'concession agreements with qualified trucking companies or enterprises to require standards of air quality, labor and participation by local small trucking companies' with the Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) originally set forth by the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach,” said Peter Gatti, executive vice president.
Gatti explained that the CTMP mirrored the Southern California port initiative in setting forth new criteria thw would restrict drayage operations at the port and substantially increase operating costs.
NITL also took a strong position on additional fees, saying any new fees should only be approved after “comprehensive and deliberative talks with industry stakeholders.”
NITL is turning to the logistics community for support in a possible legal challenge toe the port financing schemes. Visit the League's Web site at

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