Custom-Fit Dunnage (Product) ORBIS Corporation

Custom-Fit Dunnage (Product)

ORBIS Corporation’s ORBIShield Dunnage is made of material that is inherently protective and requires little secondary processing before it’s converted into dunnage sets. Created from soft foam, this dunnage is easily die-cut and is both flexible and versatile enough to create curved cells to support a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It provides the versatility to create rigid partitions which can support the weight of parts in a tote, while still having the flexibility needed to create curved cells for parts with unique geometry that are difficult to package with traditional materials. ORBIShield streamlines the dunnage design and fabrication process by simplifying die-cut and assembly operations. Since the material does not need to go through normal secondary operations such as lamination and edge stitching, the material does not present the risk of delaminating and/or breaking down.

ORBIS Corporation


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