DHL Integrates Two Regions in the Americas

The company says it’s combining the regions to enhance performance for customers. Heading the entity is Roger Crook who was previously CEO of DHL’s Latin America division. "Canada is a region of great importance for our business in the Americas,” he says. “One of my primary goals is to fully maximize its potential together with that of Latin America, to turn International Americas into an even more profitable region, through extensive market growth and by maintaining our already stable position as global leaders.”

Crook will also take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Caribbean and Latin American Express Delivery Conference (CLADEC). The organization works to promote free trade and minimize barriers that might hinder express transportation services in Latin America.

CLADEC is made up of 21 national partnerships representing the express transportation industry in Latin America and the Caribbean and includes the top international companies that provide services in the region, including DHL Express, FedEx Express, TNT Express, UPS and World Courier Services, among others.

As far as DHL Express International Americas, Crook adds, "I have no doubt that the unification of these two regions will significantly boost the quality of service we provide to all our customers. It will enable us to develop our entire team with the best practices and experiences from both Canada and Latin America.”

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