DHL Strengthens International Connections

DHL will streamline cross-border shipping in North America through its North America Trade Lane initiative, the company says. The program includes enhancements to DHL facilities, fleet and other infrastructure, additional bilingual customer service representatives and additional representatives to deal with cross-border shipping.

During the first five years of the initiative, says DHL, the company will launch several expanded Border Operations Centers to facilitate shipping across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. Canada and Mexico together represent $300 billion a year in export business to the United States, making them the first- and third-largest trading partners for the United States, respectively. The United States is also a major trading partner for each country.

To serve U.S.-Mexico trade, DHL will launch centers in Tijuana, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Matamoros in early 2007.

DHL increased its Canada network in 2003 with the purchase of Loomis, one of Canada’s leading express and ground parcel shipping networks. It has recently added facilities and reconfigured its network operations to accept larger aircraft.

Separately, DHL Global Forwarding announced expansion plans at Charlotte International Airport. Its 52,000 square-foot site integrates the operations of DHL Danzas Air & Ocean and Exel Freight Management, each of which previously did business at separate locations in Charlotte.

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