The DHL-UPS Deal Under Attack

The Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) has joined with ASTAR Air Cargo crewmembers in filing a grievance calling for an investigation and hearings on what are cited as contract violations that would result from the agreement to move airlift for DHL shipments to UPS.

According to ALPA, Astar now carries 50% of DHL’s air freight within the US. DHL owns 49% of Astar. The pilot’s union is seeking a cease and desist order against any transfer of flying now performed by ALPA-represented pilots to UPS. It also asks for a ruling that DHL be bound by the representations it made during its collective bargaining session with them and by the terms of their subsequent agreement.

Captain John Prater, ALPA president says, “Our first priority is to make sure every aspect of our contract is respected by DHL. While the contract requires that we file this grievance with ASTAR, we have also informed DHL of our actions. Not only will we allow DHL to fully participate in the investigation and subsequent hearings—we encourage it.”

It has been observed in some quarters that there will not likely be an antitrust review, as has been requested by ALPA, since the DHL-UPS agreement does not represent a change in ownership.

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