Dow Jones Launches Supply Chain Risk Service

Dow Jones & Company has introduced a service designed to provide ongoing, active monitoring of a range of supply chain threats. Dow Jones Supplier & Risk Monitor offers proactive monitoring of various types of risk, including supplier failure, supply continuity, political exposure, reputation management, product safety, plant and port closures, and staffing disruptions.

Drawing upon more than 25,000 media sources from 150 countries, the service monitors the news for events that could affect suppliers rather than relying solely on financial data. It allows companies to view a more complete picture of critical partners and regions and to expand risk-scanning across all trading partners. Supplier & Risk Monitor also enables supply chain managers to perform research and due diligence to evaluate new partners.

The service can be fully customized with widgets installed directly into a customer’s workflow or hosted in a dashboard format. Users can set up alerts so they can be informed about key news and information by email or mobile device.

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