FedEx Freight Announces Rate Increase

Dennie Carey, senior vice president of marketing for FedEx Freight announced a general rate increase of 5.6% that will apply to interstate and intrastate traffic, and selected shipments between the United States and Mexico and Canada beginning May 16th. This general rate increase applies only to the LTL companies within the FedEx Freight Segment, he said. Rates for other subsidiaries of FedEx Corp., including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Kinko's, are not affected.

Carey cited substantially higher tolling of new and existing highways and costs associated with new driver security requirements as impacting FedEx Freight. In addition, new diesel engines that comply with changing EPA requirements are expected to have higher acquisition and maintenance costs. “FedEx Freight will continue to take a leadership role in the industry by proactively adopting state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment, with an emphasis on safety and environmental responsibility,” Carey continued.

The new FedEx Freight base rate and rules tariffs will be available on the company's Web site after May 16:

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