FedEx Freight Bumps Up Rates

The 5.6% increase applies to interstate and intrastate traffic as well as selected shipments between the U.S. and Mexico and Canada. The rate increase applies only to its LTL companies and does not affect any other FedEx subsidiaries.

Reasons given for raising the rates include needs to upgrade facilities, technology and equipment to meet market demands. For example, says the company, there is need for new diesel engines that comply with Environmental Protection Agency requirements that are anticipated to have higher acquisition and maintenance costs.

FedEx Freight has just opened four new service centers and will expand to a fifth to meet increased customer demands. The company has replaced older facilities in Des Plaines, Ill, Salem, Ore., and Texarkana, Ark. A new center in Springfield, Mass. is the company’s first in the area. A new center is to open in 2006 in Sacramento, Calif.

All new rate information is available on the company Web site,
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