FedEx is Growing on the Ground

While the statistics indicate some UPS slippage in 2003, it remains the major ground parcel carrier, with 69.3% of the business. In fact, according to Colography, in the first quarter of 2004, UPS shows a 6.9% growth in shipment count as opposed to a 5.8% growth for FedEx.

Ted Scherck, Colography President, points to carrier strategy moves as one reason for the market change. “Clearly, FedEx’s shift in emphasis from air to surface services is paying off with market share gains across all parts of the ground parcel and LTL segments, its two key segments,” he says, “FedEx has embraced the secular migration by U.S. business to surface transport, and its strategy and execution is gaining traction.”

According to Colography, the “all others” category of carriers – including the U.S. Postal Service and DHL – handled 16% of all shipments and 11% of all tonnage and revenues in 2003.

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