FedEx Joins in French Trade Initiative

Particular emphasis is on the extension of resources to small- and medium-sized French and U.S. companies that want to import and export. On the part of FedEx this is part of a new initiative to provide ongoing support to the Commerce Department’s U.S. Commercial Service that aims to promote exporting through cooperative public-private sector export tools and resources.

As part of the larger federal program, Michael Drucker, executive vice president of International for FedEx Express, notes that, “As the U.S. becomes better integrated into the global trading system, FedEx and the U.S. Commercial Service are well-positioned to help exporters remain competitive in the global marketplace through our portfolio of services and solutions.”

More specifically for the French initiative, FedEx will move to generate awareness among its customers about the benefits of the FOECA export assistance network that’s available in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

There will be joint export promotion seminars that will assist in sales force training as well as direct marketing campaigns.

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