Free LTL Webcast - Today at 2PM Eastern

Today’s transportation buyer faces a dizzying array of options in preparing and administering a standard LTL bid. Multiple layers of management and communication are involved, from gathering the appropriate in-house information, to evaluating carrier data, to managing the bid event itself. The end result can be frustration and best-guess decisions.

Join our panel of industry experts as we examine the building blocks of a well-executed LTL bid:

Paul Dugent , VP of Pricing and Traffic, Estes Express Lines, will discuss what information carriers require to respond accurately to an LTL bid request

Gary Girotti, VP of Transportation Practice, Chainalytics LLC, will explain why a well-executed bid is so important to your bottom line

Warren Patterson , VP of Product Strategy and Development, SMC³, will demonstrate how the latest LTL bid technology facilitates better decision making.

This informative session will show you how to:

  • Identify and remove overspending on transportation services
  • Set up and execute your LTL bids with minimal hassle
  • Receive more accurate, useable information from carriers
  • Evaluate carriers on service and performance levels, rather than price alon
  • Re-use key information from bid to bid
  • Improve your core carrier relationships through win-win scenarios

If you would like to participate, please click here to register.

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