Georgetown Consulting Forms Fourth Party Reverse Logistics

Georgetown Consulting has expanded its core practice in supply chain management by forming Fourth Party Reverse Logistics (4PRL) and acquiring partial ownership of TBW Solutions of Alpharetta, Ga.

“In today's challenging economy, more and more companies are looking for ways to reuse and repair materials instead of buying new. At the same time, organizations of every shape and size need to find environmentally responsible methods for disposing of leftover materials that are considered hazardous waste. That's what reverse logistics is all about,” says Bob Burich, vice president and managing director of Georgetown Consulting and 4PRL.

According to Burich, 4PRL will focus on the green side of materials management. The reverse logistics discipline encompasses returns processing, equipment resale, asset management, equipment reuse management and recycling/hazardous waste management.

As a fourth party reverse logistics consultant, 4PRL serves as integrator and coordinator of activities performed by in-house and outsourced (third party) service providers. “Our mission is to assure that everything is done in an efficient, measurable and green-minded fashion,” Burich says. 4PRL operations will be based in Canton, Ohio.

Meanwhile, by becoming the partial owner of Georgia-based TBW Solutions, Georgetown Consulting is also positioning itself to capitalize on a worldwide trend in the energy industry—design and deployment of smart grid systems for delivery of electric power. Currently, TBW Solutions holds contracts with both Honeywell and Florida Power & Light to develop smart metering solutions. In addition to delivering engineering, furnish and installation (EF&I) services to the Smart Grid energy marketplace, TBW Solutions is a provider of EF&I and data management services to the wireless and wireline telecom industries.

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