Greatwide Launches Managed Transportation Services

Greatwide Logistics Services, a national provider of third-party logistics services (3PL), has launched a new service offering, Managed Transportation Services (MTS). MTS offers visibility from pickup through delivery, along with centralized technologies to monitor and continuously improve operations across the supply chain.

Greatwide is a brokerage firm with clients in the grocery, food and beverage, produce, fresh food, retail and industrial markets. The company also offers dedicated contract carriage.

The MTS offering includes the following key elements:

1. Measurement — extensive monitoring, tracking and analysis of data to allow the best decisions on mode optimization, consolidation and deployment of carriers, including private fleet, dedicated and unique hybrid combinations.

2. Capability — annual bids and mini-bids to expedite transportation procurement processes and eliminate manual processing, improving auditing and payment capabilities.

3. Transportation savings — minimization of rates by making the least expensive mode choice based on service requirements and shipment weight/dimensions. Instant comparison of available options enables mode conversion, shipment consolidation, flow-through warehouses and other rate savings.

4. Greatwide resources include access to carrier capacity, along with proactive continuous improvement through engineering and account management resources.

MTS operates through a 24-hour, 365-day Transportation Operation Center (TOC), where the company manages all transportation solutions, including procurement, planning, execution and distribution. The TOC also handles back-office functions such as billing, settlements and accounts receivable.

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