Improving Logistics Performance - 101 Actions

From strategic sourcing and logistics systems design to tactical planning for better performance, 101+ Actions to Improve Transportation and Logistics Performance provides a guide for strategic and tactical managers.

From its “Call for action planning worksheet” the updated and revised edition is designed to help logistics professionals identify and then act on the issues which will make the most difference in their logistics operations.

The guide is organized into four main sections. First is Strategic Sourcing and Logistics System Design. This section deals with action items that impact business development and have a major impact on a firm's contribution margins and asset commitments.

Tactical planning for transportation and logistics follows the strategic plan and helps identify how cross-functional teams match actions to customer service requirements and other business-critical goals.

Operational execution control and compliance ensures the steps to put the tactical plan into operation are documented and measured.

The fourth section on business intelligence analysis provides a guide to steps for evaluating tactical and execution phases and taking steps like data mining and root-cause analysis to determine opportunities to improve processes.

The authors, Dr. Ed Marien, Walter Weart, and Lee Cisneros, have structured the document as a print-on-demand volume to allow for easy and regular updates. Copies can be ordered through Pigwick Papers

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