Kinaxis and Solectron to Provide Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility to Customers

Kinaxis Inc. (Ottawa, Canada), a provider of on-demand response management service, has signed a partnership agreement with Solectron Corp. (Milpitas), a contract electronics manufacturer. Under the agreement, Solectron's customers will be have real-time supply chain visibility using the Kinaxis RapidResponse system. Solectron has already integrated RapidResponse into its manufacturing operations.

"In today's hyper-competitive business environment, speed matters and supply chains are the new competitive weapon," said Marty Neese, executive v.p., operations, for Solectron. "Our award-winning Lean Six Sigma manufacturing and demand-driven supply chain solutions enable customers to quickly respond to rapidly changing end-customer demand. RapidResponse complements our supply chain expertise to connect directly with our customers, enabling them to make strategic decisions faster and more economically through enhanced visibility."

With RapidResponse supply chain managers can access detailed manufacturing information in an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface automatically populated with live data feeds from multiple ERP and other data systems. Iterative and instant data modeling capabilities allow users to propose and share various "what-if" alternatives.

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