Lufthansa Cargo Is Creating Special Products Units

By bundling services in separate Competence Centers, Lufthansa will be able to provide teams of specialists for support. Dr. Andreas Otto, the Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board member responsible for Marketing and Sales, claims, "We are substantially improving our customer service. Our customers can contact our expert teams about any issues and will receive support along the entire transport chain."
For airmail Lufthansa Cargo will work with Airmail Center Frankfurt GmbH (ACF). Most of the airline's mail business is transacted with the ACF, in which it has a 40% stake. In 2006, the subsidiary moved more than 40,000 tonnes of airmail worldwide for 200 postal companies.
The airline explains that it already carries thousands of live animals in special containers aboard its MD-11 freighters and in the bellies of its passenger aircraft. In addition to live bait, ornamental fish and chicks, Lufthansa Cargo annually transports more than 10,000 household pets and 1,300 horses. Beginning in 2008, Lufthansa will open a new animal station that will house all departments responsible for animal transport that are currently spread around the Frankfurt Airport.
Handling temperature-sensitive goods is all part of a day's work at Lufthansa Cargo has extensive experience in handling temperature-sensitive cargo, including high-grade pharmaceuticals such as insulin, vaccines or biotechnology products that are usually carried in special refrigerated containers.
With stringent controls and a specially trained security staff, Lufthansa provides of airfreight services for valuable goods from acceptance of the cargo, through transport and on to delivery. Among cargo items carried are bank notes, diamonds, gold bullion and art treasures.

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