NASSTRAC Supports STB in Rate Bureau Appeal

NCC and SMC3 have gone to court to challenge the Surface Transportation Board’s decision to terminate the antitrust immunity of NCC, SMC and other rate bureaus. "The STB's decision is well-reasoned and fully supported, and will be effectively explained by STB and Department of Justice attorneys," said NASSTRAC general counsel John Cutler. "However, we think the court will also benefit from hearing the views of a major shipper association whose members have extensive experience with motor carrier collective ratemaking. The court should know that shippers strongly support a fully competitive freight transportation marketplace."

Mike Regan, NASSTRAC's advocacy committee chairperson said: "NASSTRAC has for many years led the fight against abuses in motor carrier collective ratemaking. We are not going to abandon this effort in the face of court challenges to the STB by NCC and other rate bureaus, and we expect the Board's decision to be upheld on appeal."

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