New Software Aimed at Driver Retention

TMW Systems is a developer and integrator of enterprise management software specifically for the trucking industry. The new product, DriverZone, works through the supplier’s flagship product, TMWSuite. More than a year ago the company began collaborative work with Schneider on creation of DriverZone.

Tom Weisz, TMW chairman, explains that the solution, “not only enhances driver satisfaction and retention by ‘humanizing’ the needs of each driver, but it also helps ensure an equitable distribution of load assignments.”

DriverZone provides managers with a current calendar that contains factors for effective handling of driver relationships. Included are work schedules and history for each drive, available log hours, current location and scheduled events – things like CDL renewal dates and vacation time. It also permits managers to document communications wit drivers on matters like requests for time off, inquiries about pay and a number of other issues.

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