NITL Asks for Presidential Priorities

The National Industrial Transportation League (NTIL) has called upon the Obama and McCain campaigns to describe what specific measures the candidates would take as President to address the problems of the nation's freight transportation system.

Included in the request from NITL are questions on how McCain and Obama would address infrastructure, which is vital to the growing demands of the country's truck, rail, waterborne, and air commerce.

In separate, but essentially identical letters to Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and John McCain (R-AZ), NITL President and CEO Bruce Carlton NITL members are dependent on efficient and cost effective means to move the nation's commerce in both domestic and international markets. Over the course of the campaign, Carlton said that few details from the two candidates have been forth coming, "on what measures your Administration would consider or the priorities you would establish in this area." He invited both men to describe what initiatives might be expected, if they were to be elected President.

Carlton points out that the current surface transportation authorization law, "SAFETEA-LU" is set to expire in 2009, and with such problems as worsening congestion and infrastructure in all modes in dire need of simple maintenance, "bold new leadership and new ideas on effective ways to meet these national challenges must be offered."

Additionally he asked that, as the nation considers new financing options to pay for new programs, it is necessary for public and private stakeholders to work together in identifying which approaches work best in this regard. He said that the League believes "…a national freight transportation policy with clear goals and effective tools to achieve these goals is urgently needed."

In commenting on the request for information from the two presidential contenders, Carlton said, "the stakes have never been higher. We need to know what approaches, programs, and plans each candidate intendeds to pursue to building our nation's freight transportation system including its infrastructure which is so vital for the nation's economic growth and well being."

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