NITLeague Announces Transition

After consultation with the chairman of the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), Ed Emmett, , has decided that March 21 will be his final day in the League offices. "Since I have three weeks of travel planned after that, it makes more sense for me to move up my departure date," Emmett said.

NITL also announced that Kathy Luhn, vice president for domestic policy, has announced her resignation in order to accept another position. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the League, but two opportunities have been presented to me. Finding the right time to leave is always difficult, but this is a relatively calm time for the League in terms of domestic policy issues and I really cannot let these opportunities pass by," Luhn said.

NITL Chairman Tom Pellington said, "These announcements combined with our overall review of the activities of the League present a chance to make decisions that can positively impact the future of NITL. Ed and Kathy have done a great job in representing this organization and helping to build it into a global presence."

Pellington noted that the League will be holding a formal Board of Directors meeting in early May. He indicated that, "between now and then and at that meeting, the Executive Committee and the Board will be examining a variety of key issues, including how the League can enhance its preeminent stature in the transportation industry and make membership in the League even more valuable. This effort reflects the conviction of the League's Executive Committee and Board that in today's uncertain environment, the National Industrial Transportation League is more important than ever before."

The Executive Committee announced Peter Gatti, currently vice president of international policy, has agreed to serve as acting president. "Peter has been with the League for almost 18 years and is widely recognized as a respected spokesman for the organization. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of his ability and reputation to step in," Pellington said.

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