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Paper-Thin RFID Tags

Applications for smaller, thinner tags are limited only by the imagination of the user.

Paper-Thin RFID Tags

Applications for smaller, thinner tags are limited only by the imagination of the user.

by Clyde E. Witt, editor

Omron’s new V720 Radio Frequency Identification System features new paper- thin read/write tags and new high-frequency radio signals to offer versatile data tracking in a wide variety of applications. The complete family includes tags, controllers and antennas.

The tag, called an inlet, is extremely thin (50 microns at the antenna and 270 microns at the chip) and can be easily adapted to the size and specification requirements of a wide variety of user needs. The inlet uses an I-CODE chip from Philips Semiconductors, allowing the V720 to meet with the international standard ISO 15693. The inlets are available in a single-row roll form. Each tag inlet is 101.6 mm by 48 mm and operates within ambient temperatures of 10 to 70 Celsius. Other configurations, including a round geometry, can be produced for special application requirements.

The antenna has a maximum communication distance of 25cm and can be mounted on metal. It offers easy installation and high reading accuracy even in dirty or dusty environments. The antenna’s ambient temperature operations range is 20 to 55 Celsius.

The ID Controller features single access to the tag (1 to 1), multiple access for several tags (1 to n), selective access and FIFO queue functions to suit a wide range of applications. The host interface uses command/response communications via RS-232C, so existing bar code systems can be quickly replaced with an RFID system. The controller is small and easy to install. Its general-purpose interface allows for easy connection to a host system.

Omron’s V720 series RFID system is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These include: built-to-order manufacturing, document tracking, personnel identification, security applications, and airline luggage and cargo tagging. ADF

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