The Port of LA Will Add Container Inspection Facility

The Port of Los Angeles announced it had taken the first step in developing a Los Angeles/Long Beach Joint Container Inspection Facility. The port received a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant of $2.5 million towards the $4.8 million cost to design the facility.

“By locating the inspection facility within the port, we keep suspect containers from being moved on streets and freeways through communities – a good thing for everyone involved,” said Geraldine Knatz, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director.

Total cost for the project, including construction, is expected to be $73.8 million to $90.8 million. The Port of Los Angeles said it would seek additional grants and funding to assist with completion of the project.

In separate news, the Port of Los Angeles announced its fiscal 2006-2007 budget of $848.5 million. Capital improvements are budgeted at $311 million.

Operating revenues for the port are expected to reach $409 million during the period, an increase of $26.2 million over the prior budget year. Operating expenses were estimated at $207 million, an increase of $42 million (25.1%).

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