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Project for Improved City Center Delivery can be a U.S. Model

Coordinated by the Fiat Research Center, the FIDEUS (Freight Intelligent Delivery of goods on European Urban Spaces) Project is aimed at improving logistics, transshipment and transport processes while reducing engine emissions and traffic pollution in cities.

Automotive manufacturers Fiat, Iveco and Renault Trucks are teaming with robotics and fleet management specialists Cybernetix and MIZAR Automazione as well as logistics providers DHL Express and TNT Innight. The project will be tested in three cities whose governments are part of the alliance – Barcelona, Hannover and Lyon. A project of the IMPACTS Network (Information Management Policies Assessment for City Transportation Systems), results will be monitored by the University of Westminster and Franhofer Institute.

Three new types of vehicles are being developed and tested under the project: an electric freight transporter for use in highly sensitive areas such as pedestrian zones, an enhanced 3.5 ton transporter and a 12-ton truck optimized for city traffic.

All three vehicles will be equipped with high-end communication, drive and loading technology. The technology provides improved interactive communication with municipal traffic directing centers.

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