Rail Industry Data Now Available Via Web

Railinc has launched its Industry Reference Files integrated website (IRFi), providing rail industry participants—including railroads, third-party logistics companies and shippers—with access to rail industry reference file information via the web. The website offers direct views and functionality to download select customized extracts of data contained within five key Industry Reference Files (IRFs), allowing users to purchase only the information they need.

IRFs currently on the IRFi website are the Centralized Station Master (CSM), Junction Interchange File, Mark Register (MARK), Route File (ROUTE) and Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) files. Direct views and details of each of these files, including a map view for the CSM and Junction Interchange files, are available with one-click access. A subscription is currently required to access the files; however, free look-ups are available for first-level information.

Until now, rail industry reference files were delivered as a printed annual publication, electronic PDFs or text files with monthly or quarterly supplements that included all IRF data. Although PDFs and text files are still available, IRFi subscribers can designate the real-time databases they need without having to purchase information they don’t need. Each module subscription provides companies with unlimited access throughout the year. It also allows companies to export data directly to their desktop, where they can manipulate it to extract the information they need. A Customer Information File (CIF) module will be added to the website in the future.

IRFs are the foundation for railroad industry communications that ensure data consistency and referential integrity.

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