Rail volumes rise on intermodal traffic

Rail volume rises on intermodal traffic

Class I rail volumes for the week ending Dec. 13, 2003, were up 2.8% year-on-year, driven by continued strength in intermodal traffic. Economically sensitive traffic increased 4.2% for the same period.

Motor vehicle loadings were down 6.5% and should continue to be an issue for railroads in the first quarter.

General Motors Corp. says production will be down 7% in first-quarter 2004. Ford Motor Co. predicts flat production. And DaimlerChrysler says production will increase 7.3%.

Commodity carloadings, which account for over three-fourths of rail volume, were up a mere 0.4% in week 50 or 0.3% year to date. Intermodal traffic showed a 6.6% increase for the week and was up 6.8% YTD.

Class I Railcar Loadings by Railroad
(% Increase YTD Week 50)
Railroad Commodity Intermodal Total
Burlington Northern Santa Fe -0.4 12.4 5.4
Canadian National -0.2 4.6 1.2
Canadian Pacific 1.2 7.6 3.7
CSX 1.6 5.3 2.7
Kansas City Southern 0.8 8.5 3
Norfolk Southern 0.6 4.5 2
TFM (Mexico) 4.9 0 3.6
Union Pacific 0.6 1.7 1

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February, 2004

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