Reaction to Shippers Told to Pay Up

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Brad Jones
eGIX, Inc.


Apparently, it may be difficult for Mr. Macomber to understand that part of what is propelling the driver shortage in this country is unpaid extra work.

If the dock worker assigns a dock door, then asks the driver to move, the driver has a right to be compensated for the extra move at the shipper's direction.

The carrier's statement about making money means that he probably has agreed to compensate the driver for an extra move, and needs reimbursement from the shipper to cover that cost.

As far as documenting that move, it should be equally shared because if it is economically disadvantageous to the shipper it is possible for that documentation to be "lost." If you assume the carrier is trying to "stick it to ya" with accessorial charges, you must also take into account the culpability of the warehouse employees trying to use of the truckers services for free.

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