Real Time Container Visibility During All Shipment Transit

When paired with the carrier’s web-based event management offering, the active radio frequency identification (RFID) system will provide real-time detailed shipment information for a container’s movement from the original point of loading through final delivery. In addition to tagging containers, Horizon Lines is working to install RFID readers at distribution centers (DCs), terminals and along key Alaskan highways.

Working with the carrier in a pilot-testing program is Safeway, Alaska’s leading grocery chain. The retailer is monitoring shipments from its Pacific Northwest DCs to its stores across Alaska.

“Just in time delivery is a fact of life in Alaska, just as it is in many other places,” says Ken Privratsky, vice president and general manager of Horizon Line’s Alaska Division. “RFID offers significant advantages to shippers who seek greater visibility of their deliveries and more efficiency in supply chain operations.”

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