RedPrairie Integrates Voxware Voice Solution With Its Warehouse Management System

RedPrairie Corp. (Milwaukee, Wis.) will integrate

Voxware's (Lawrenceville, N.J.) voice solution with RedPrairie's warehouse management system (WMS).

"Our customers are demanding platform independent systems that offer them more choices and influence over system configuration," said Gary Morgan, v.p., configuration services at RedPrairie. "Integrating to Voxware's voice solution allows us to take advantage of a true, end-to-end open system architecture. This enables our customers to deploy the hardware of their choice, independent of the voice software, which lowers total cost of ownership. And, most importantly, RedPrairie has far more control than ever before in customizing voice workflows to meet specific customer requirements. Finally, we will be able to quickly and easily integrate voice into subsequent releases of our WMS."

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