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RFID Report: Doing Things Right

This may be the year we see RFID deliver the goods.

RFID Report: Doing Things Right

by Clyde E. Witt, executive editor

I see a plethora of surveys in my daily duties; some offer hope and promise, others paint a landscape of doom and gloom. The allure of research is that — given enough time — you can usually find information to support your opinion.

I’ve opted on the side of hope and promise, and sought enough supporting evidence to drive back the economic shadows — at least for a while. Radio frequency data collection and identification have long offered hope and promise. This should be the year we see much of that promise come to fruition.

Here’s a quick look at some folks who are doing it right. If you want more information about these companies, programs and RFID in general, you can start with our Web site,, or with AIM Inc., the trade association for manufacturers of automatic identification equipment,, the best site for current RFID information.

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